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Tenpo is a Fintech that offers a 100% digital financial ecosystem in Chile. They are committed to bringing democracy to finance, that is why they give welcome to Financracia.



  • June 2019: First payment processed with Mastercard.

  • September 2019: The documentation required by the regulatory body in Chile was presented and submitted.

  • February 2020: Prepaid License obtained.

  • December 2020: More than 300.000 clients acquired. The year ended up with the launch of Bolsillo, the brand new investment functionality.


Tenpo is the first and only fintech issuer of digital accounts and prepaid cards in Chile. It is committed to building a complete ecosystem of financial services.

With its DNA of open innovation and collaborative economy, Tenpo, -making the most of its cutting-edge technology-, is working hard to solve the different needs of Chileans and foreigners living in the country.

“Offering an ecosystem of 100% digital financial solutions that solve all the needs of people is our north”, Tenpo CEO Fernando Araya said.

Tenpo adopted the concept “Financracia”, which reflects the purpose of the company and its conviction of sustainable business development, that is to bring democracy to finance, using digital inclusion as an enabler to become a leading actor in Chilean financial inclusion.


What they offer

Tenpo is working hard to offer an ecosystem of financial solutions, with all the products and services that people require to solve their needs.

Nowadays, they offer access free of charge or maintenance commissions to a digital account and a Mastercard prepaid card, this works both for international and national purchases. Besides, right from the application people have the chance to make online transfers between banks, collect and pay among Tenpo contacts, pay basic bills, recharge for mobiles, withdraw dollars from PayPal, and invest your savings with Bolsillo. There’s also a specialized 24/7 Call Center to serve their customers.

To open a Tenpo account you only need the same document with which you vote; that is a valid identity card (ID), there are no more requirements. Currently, Tenpo has more than 300 thousand clients and more than a million app downloads.

Tenpo has two exclusive alliances, one is with Paypal offering money withdrawals, both in dollars or Chilean pesos; and the other one is with an investment manager in mutual funds, Credicorp Capital Asset Management, a leading investment company with more than 65 years of experience which is regulated by the Commission for the Financial Market in Chile.

The demands and needs change. According to studies, one of the things that makes people most uncomfortable is not being heard. Companies are no longer formed only with partners, investors and collaborators, but are also co-created with the same clients. For this reason, in Tenpo they leave behind those beliefs and collect all the suggestions of their users, through an exclusive program called #CreaTenpo, where they test everything hand in hand with the client. Their saying is,

“Si es bueno para el cliente, será bueno para Tenpo”

Más información en www.Tenpo.cl

Fernando Araya -  CEO Tenpo - Tenpo


CEO Tenpo
Benjamin Silva - VP of Retail - Tenpo


VP of Retail
Javier Mendez - VP of SMEs - Tenpo


VP of SMEs
Marcelo Oyarzún - CRO - Tenpo


Ricardo Vidal - CFO&Talent - Tenpo


CFO & Talent


Carlos Morales - CPO Lending - Tenpo


CPO Lending
Emilio Fallau - CTO&COO - Tenpo




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