No borders, no complications, Culqi enables the endorsement of any payment method (cash or cards) through any sales channel (e-commerce, apps, chatbot, call center, social media and physical store).

It is in the simplicity where our core value lies towards our clients, SME owners. Our passion and compromise take us to create new and better tools every day that will be more appropriate so that they can arrange their sales. Culqi is the payment and financial services partner.


How did the business idea start? What is the opportunity or problem that you found out?

Culqi started as a thesis project from Universidad del Pacífico College.
We wanted to solve the life of SME’s through technology. We noticed that their main problem was collections and that this issue was cross-sectional to all business and industries. The opportunity was clear: if we helped them to have a better experience (more simple and safer), we would be able to solve the problem of millions of business in Peru and Latin-America. In those times, e-commerce was already a boom and to create an easy to integrate, affordable payment gateway was what they needed.




Which is your target market and how are they benefited from Culqi?

We are accessible to all types of commerce. The big one finds in us security and the essential support to achieve that every transaction is performed successfully, without concerns nor setbacks. The small and midsize commerce needs our close assistance and care for their progress.

Why did you decide in creating the Culqi + Krealo synergy?

Krealo‌‌ ‌‌and ‌‌Culqi‌‌ came together to ensure that the value proposal could escalate in an efficient, agile way so that we could change the lives of more people. The knowledge, the experience and presence of Credicorp in the market provided a stronger, well-ordered organization.

How could you describe Culqi team?

Passionate, intimate, committed and showing love for their daily work. We are a group of young enthusiast Peruvians with a lot of new ideas that are ready to become a reality. We won’t give up in front of any difficulty nor we are afraid of engaging in new challenges, because we take on them cleverly. We push for our limits and challenge ourselves to improve every day. We want to understand every need that our clients could have to assist them closely towards better growth scenarios, always with optimal willingness and great vibes.

What do you aim to? Which are the goals and plans to reach in the mid-term?

We want every and each commerce in Latin America to have the same opportunities to access any payment method without struggling with any traditional barriers of the industry. We are focused on growth.

What advise could you give to any other fintechs that are just starting?

Stay‌‌ ‌‌focus‌‌ ‌‌&‌‌ ‌‌keep‌‌ ‌‌it‌‌ ‌‌real‌. Opportunities will always arrive; you must stay focused and know how to say «no» to ventures that don’t generate value. Fall in love with the problems and not the solutions, this allows you to be on a creative, steady learning process. «The best is the enemy of the good», within the technology field everything is changing so fast that we must generate constant solutions, and to expect perfection could lead us to lose opportunities.

Malena Funegra